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Cyberscape City is a hyper-dimensional dungeon crawler, set in a surreal virtual world!ITCH.IOFree Demo

After discovering the ruins of an advanced society, Cheropie, Noan and Raine find themselves sucked into an adventure of epic proportions!
With the guidance of their mysterious new friend Mocha, they must travel through virtual reality simulations to solve the mystery of ‘the shadow’ and bring the city back from the dead using the emergency protocols.

Cyberscape City is a Dungeon Crawler at it’s core, but includes elements from genres such as: Action, Adventure, Racing and RPGs.
You play as Cheropie, Noan and Raine; each with their own unique gameplay styles!

If you’re a fan of the project, then feel free to check out my Patreon to get exclusive behind the scenes content for the project. Any support is greatly appreciated!

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